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Special Offer from Headline Sponsor South West Water

South West Water – Congratulations to all nominees and winners at the South West Tourism Awards

It was a pleasure to spend the evening with so many brilliant businesses, large and small, last Thursday evening at the Eden Project in Cornwall.  Hearing the stories from the best of the best in the South West Tourism sector inspired all who attended.

The sector is so critical to the South West Economy and we are moving into the busiest period when the population in the region will double in the summer months.  As I said on the night, our water resources are under pressure after one of the hottest and driest years on record and a winter with lower-than-average rainfall.

Now more than ever we need your help to Save Every Drop – which also saves your business money

To ensure we can provide safe, reliable, and clean water to households, businesses, and visitors to the region we need to preserve our precious water resources.

By taking small steps to Save Every Drop can make an extraordinary difference.

We are offering useful tips and free simple to fit water saving devices designed specifically for your business premises and the way you use your water. And as much of the water we use is heated, this provides you with not only savings on your water bill but also on your energy bills. We are also offering

  • Free leak repairs on your underground pipework and plumbing
  • Free water audits, including on the spot leak repairs and instant interventions
  • A chance to get funding to support your schemes to reduce water consumption and save on your bills for the long term through our innovation fund.

To discover the full range of support available visit

And we’re doing our bit too

We take our responsibility to every customer extremely seriously. As well as working around the clock to manage water resources we are:

  • Fixing more leaks than before – we continue to focus on finding and fixing as many leaks as we can; we have bought in additional resource from our sister company, Bristol Water, to help this effort and fix leaks in an average of 3.6 days to ensure we minimise water that is wasted.
  • Investing in additional supplies – we now have Hawks Tor – a discussed quarry – operational water source and have agreed additional permits to abstract water with the Environmental Agency, whilst still protecting the environment around us.
  • Investment plans for 2 desalination plants to provide further resilience and climate independent sources of water.

Thank you for making the South West such a great place to visit and for all your help and support conserving our water resources. I wish you a very successful 2023 season too.