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Hints & Tips

Every excellent tourism business in South West England stands a chance of winning an award, whatever its size or scale or if it has won in the past.  These hints and tips are designed to make the entry process as painless and productive as possible. They also explain the entry requirements and what the judges will be looking for. 


  • Your business or visitor experience must be located in the relevant area of South West England see more here.  If you are located in Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly should enter those schemes. 
  • Please read the criteria here or at the top of the entry forms carefully to ensure that you are eligible to enter.
  • The judges are looking for evidence of excellence, innovation and quality improvements in the last 2 years. If you entered last year then make it really clear what improvements/additions have been made since your last entry.
  • If you won gold in the VisitEngland Awards 2018 you are not eligible to enter the same category this year. If you have won gold in the same category in the South West for two or more years, we’d advise considering a different category or offering to help us with judging.


  • Read the questions and the "checklist" points (after each question) before you start and ensure that you answer fully.
  • Don’t exceed the word limit but do provide a full answer for each question, the judges need to know why you are excellent.
  • Any information provided after the word limit has been exceeded will be disregarded.
  • Answer all the questions. Marks are awarded for each question and any missed questions will mean your entry cannot be short-listed.
  • Even though it might just be you running the business make sure you answer the training question.
  • Visit England has a range of business advice should you need any assistance regarding sustainability click here or access here.
  • Tell the judges why you are different, unique and be passionate about your commitment to excellence.
  • Provide evidence of success for each question including weblinks that relate to each answer.
  • Answer factually and honestly. If you are mystery shopped, your claims will be checked.
  • Feedback and quotes from visitors make strong evidence. Tourism is a people business and judges are looking for evidence that you have made a difference to someone’s visit.
  • Presentation matters!  Make it easy to read - bullet points are far easier to read than long paragraphs. And feel free to delete 'blank spaces' and adjust page breaks.
  • Use simple English and avoid jargon.
  • Do a spell check and proof read – and if possible get someone else to read through your entry to check anything you may have missed.
  • Make your entry stand out by focusing on what is unusual or innovative, don’t be modest, this is your chance to shine.
  • If you need help please email the Awards team awards@services4tourism.co.uk.


The judging will be based on your entry form and we will also look at your website (on desktop, mobile and tablet), use of social media, what visitors are saying about you and how you respond on review sites.  If there is any other information (not available online) that you would like to include, to illustrate points made in your entry, please email one pdf or word document no larger than 5mb. If more than one document is sent or it is larger than 5mb it can not be sent on to the judges. 


When you have completed the form, name it with something that includes your business name, save it as a word document and email to awards@services4tourism.co.uk, before the closing date shown on the home page.